Ceylon Tea Leaves.jpg

Hand Plucked 

Tea Leaves

It all starts with hand plucked tea leaves from Ceylon & India. We source our tea leaves from multi-generational family farms which we've been working with for over 40 years. 

Persian Choice™ Earl Grey uses the top 1% of each tea harvest. Teas in each harvest are graded based on color, scent, size, taste, & density. We only purchase the highest scoring tea leaves to blend in our Persian Choice™ Earl Grey. This dedication to quality ensures a consistently incredible cup every time.


Dried & Baked

Tea leaves are dried, rolled and baked to make a black tea. Persian Choice™ Tea leaves all go through a stringent evaluation and are tested after each harvest and batch to ensure the perfect balance of bold and strong bodied flavor.


Italian Bergamot

Only the best bergamot fruit makes the best bergamot oil. Persian Choice™ uses the finest Italian bergamot fruits from 8 different and distinct regions of Calibria, Italy. 

Bergamot Press

Cold Pressed


Bergamot rind is cold pressed and cold filtered directly at source by 8 different, family owned bergamot producing micro farms. 

Blended, Packed & Boxed


All in  San Francisco

Persian Choice™ is blended in-house at our San Francisco Bay Area facility. Tea leaves and our secret family recipe is blended by our master teas blenders and packaged in-house.

All ingredients and processes are monitored and inspected by our tea masters to ensure the finest quality and the perfect cup of Persian Choice™ Earl Grey every time.